Limited company

Limited vs. Umbrella

Umbrella company services are great for short term contracts but when you’re ready to commit to going into business for yourself, a limited company is the best option for handling your business finance, taxes and pay.  When you’re ready, give us a call for valuable, professional accounting guidance for your limited company.


The commitment to your future

A big step and an even bigger commitment, setting up a Limited Company must be handled professionally if it is to meet legislative requirements and provide a worthwhile and profitable business opportunity. Starting a limited company will require specialised accountancy services, which Lennox Trent is able to offer, along with bookkeeping, credit control, appropriate insurances, bank accounts and more.


Keeping accounting and taxation efficient, accessible and simple

Lennox Trent also offers a fabulous accountancy software,  Beanz Books to cover all your bookkeeping needs, ideal if you are a business owner, contractor, freelancer or just starting up.

For valuable, professional accounting guidance for your limited company, call us now on 01772 788 200 and one of our experts will be happy to help.


Lennox Trent – for limited companies

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