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When you choose Lennox Trent for your accountancy and business needs, we will make sure you get the service that is right for you. Amongst our varied professional services, many clients choose the simplicity of an umbrella company; for the ease of use, reliability and compliance they afford.

Managing your finances

When you are in business for yourself, taking the time to manage the finances and legal requirements of taxation is not always easy or even possible. By taking advantage of an umbrella company with Lennox Trent, you can always be certain that you are within the law and certain of getting the most from your earnings and tax savings.

Limited vs. Umbrella

If you have a short term contract or are going into business but don’t want to commit to setting up a limited company, then using an umbrella company is the best option for handling your taxes and pay. Often referred to as a ‘brolly company’, this service acts as an ‘employer’ for freelance contractors or business operators.

Contractors who will benefit from our Umbrella Company are those who require a cost saving solution for shorter term contracts, want to eliminate any threat of the IR35 and are looking for a quick and easy start up without committing to a Limited Company.

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